Q: My Boat is not a Malibu, will M.C. graphics make a wrap for my boat?
A: Yes, M.C. Graphics can design and produce a wrap for any style/model of boat. However, our stock designs are made exclusively for Malibu boats.

Q: I own a Malibu Boat and want an M.C. Graphics wrap, where do I get it?
A: Your local Malibu dealer, you can locate your closest dealer with our "Find A Dealer" button.

Q: My boat isn't a Malibu and I want to get a M.C. Graphics wrap, who should I contact?
A: If you have any other brand than a Malibu please contact M.C. Graphics directly so we can get you set up. You can contact us at 559-741-0271 or info@mcg559.com

Q: Will the wrap affect/hurt my Gel Coat?
A: No, the 3M wrap material will actually act as a protective layer over your gel coat and can be easily removed at any time.

Q: how long will the wrap last?
A: The 3M ij380 material is warrantied for 5 years by 3M

Q: Will my wrap include wrapping the transom?
A: Yes, all of the wrap will include wrapping the transom.

Q: Will my gel coat look weird after the wrap is removed? Half wrap and full wrap? (paint fading)
A: No, your gel coat will look just like it did when the wrap was installed, worst case scenario you will just need to have the boat buffed.

Q: How much of the boat is covered?
A: You can choose between a full wrap or half wrap. More info.

Q: What if people are jumping off and climbing onto the boat where the wrap stops, will it peel?
A: As long as your wrap isn't put through excessive rubbing and scratching the edges will be fine. We always pin stripe and seal our edges, please make sure your installer is going to do the same.

Q: Does the wrap make my boat indestructible?
A: No! Please avoid hitting docks, land, rocks, mountains, other boats, jet skis, etc.

Q: Can I change a few colors on a stock design and not get charged for a custom design?
A: Yes, we actually encourage a few color changes, that way the boat reflects you and is one of a kind. We will change up to 3 colors, but no design changes for the no charge. If you would like to do slight changes to a stock design we can do those for a small charge, just contact your local dealer and we can estimate it for you.

Q: If something happens will insurance pay to re-wrap my boat?
A: In most cases yes, please check with your insurance agent.

Q: Do I need to have a new boat or new gel coat to have my boat wrapped?
A: No, any year of boat can be wrapped as long as the gel coat isn't oxidized.

Q: Can I put the wrap on at home myself?
A: Yes, but we strongly recommend hiring a certified 3M installer, check with you local sign or graphics shop. (M.C. Graphics will also help you locate an installer)

Q: The Transom by the swim deck gets nicked by the wakeboard, is my wrap going to get scratched?
A: We will be coming out with transom protector shortly that can be installed over a wrap or gel coat to protect that section of the boat, please contact M.C. Graphics if you have any questions about this particular product.

Q: Can I put a picture of me on my boat?
A: Absolutely! We will design and print you anything you can imagine

Q: Can I put my company's logo on wrap?
A: Of course! Your boat is a great way to advertise your company.

Q: Will the wrap make my boat faster?
A: Unfortunately no, your boat will go the same speed... but we can guarantee it will look great!